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Shri. Jayanti lal Jethwa
Shri. Arun Jethwa

Children are active learners who learn best from activities they plan and carry out themselves. They are little discoverer who need opportunities to set goals, plan, reflect and take responsibilities. OJAS Global School will provide them the platform to expand their horizon in their interest field and give them wings to fly. OJAS offers a blend of academics, sports, technology and cultural values. Our children are going to be exposed to an even "faster changing world and technology". Our carefully chosen faculty is highly trained and adept in the CBSE curriculum and pedagogy, and will be friends and mentors to our students both inside and outside classroom. We have a clean and green safe campus with a stress-free learning environment and modern facilities. OJASITES are expected to have a strong character and respect for elders, society and our nation INDIA.

At OJAS we ensure that the academic requirements of all students are fulfilled and that they would not need any external assistance of tutoring. To add to this instead of regular classroom the School has designed subject room that help students to access their pertinent resources at one place fostering sense of inquisitiveness, perseverance and innovation, thus ensuring your child remain lively, open to learning and gain immensely from the overall learning environment.

Shri. Kapil Jethwa
Chairperson (OJAS)
B.Tech in Mechanical
Engineering GIT, Belgaum

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