Ojas Global School follows these teaching resources so as to lighten the child's innate potential –

Activity Calendar

The objective of Activity Calendar is to present the activities which channelizes the child's quest for play by providing opportunity to imitate, question, explore and experiment to further their learning skills and decision making ability.

Integrated Learning Plan

The Integrated Learning Program helps the teachers to plan the lessons pertaining to the chapter, activities related to the chapter and finally the learning outcome of that chapter. It is intended to act as a benchmark tool on which the teacher can build-on using her own creativity and expertise.


The Worksheets is a learning tool which is basically related to the content of the chapter.

Strategum's Wisdom Series

The Wisdom Series is a value-added program which inculcates the traditions and values in the students. It not only creates awareness about the significance of festivals and values but also suggests activities which the teachers may conduct for the students.

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